Living in Tequesta, FL
Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

Living in Tequesta, FL

Fast Facts About Tequesta, FL

What to know about living in Tequesta.

Population: 6,088

Distance from:

  • Fort Lauderdale: 1hr 14mins
  • Boca Raton: 52mins
  • Miami: 1hr 48mins

Nearest airport:

Median income of Fort Myers: 

  • Individual: $36,601
  • Household: $76,556

County: Palm Beach

Type of location: Village

Why is Tequesta a Nice Place to Live?

Tequesta is a charming small town offering quick access to the ocean. Home to trendy shops, family-friendly outdoor activities, and relaxing entertainment, Tequesta is ideal for both individuals and families alike. Those living in Tequesta enjoy Coral Cove Park for ocean views, swimming, or snorkeling.

Tequesta offers high-quality public schools within The School District of Palm Beach County. Its mission is to educate, affirm, and inspire each student in an equity-embedded school system.

What is Tequesta Known For?

Tequesta is known for its eclectic stores, boutiques, and natural beauty. From the Lighthouse ArtCenter to Blowing Rocks Nature Preserve, Tequesta has something for everyone. Those living in Tequesta enjoy the safe neighborhoods and friendly residents.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Tequesta?

Some of the top restaurants in and around Tequesta  with the highest-rated Google reviews include:

  • Lola’s Seafood Eatery, a lively New England-style seafood spot with baskets, rolls & chowder, plus cocktails.
  • Evo Italian, a swanky space with a patio & sleek bar offers refined Italian meals paired with a vast wine list.
  • Gallery Grille, a sunny eatery offering American fare for breakfast & lunch plus Sunday brunch in a large space.
  • Hog Snappers (Tequesta), for creative seafood & sushi dished in funky, island-themed digs with a big tiki-style bar & casual vibe.
  • Thai Lotus, where sushi rolls are offered along with Thai staples, plus beer & sake, at this relaxed outfit.

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