Living in Hobe Sound, FL
Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

Living in Hobe Sound, FL

Fast Facts About Hobe Sound, FL

What to know about living in Hobe Sound.

Population: 4,277

Distance from:

  • Fort Lauderdale: 1hr 22mins
  • Boca Raton: 58mins
  • Miami: 1hr 46min

Nearest airport:

Median income of Fort Myers: 

  • Individual: $25,891
  • Household: $54,701

County: Martin

Type of location: CDP

Why is Hobe Sound a Nice Place to Live?

Hobe Sound is a gorgeous area conveniently located between Jupiter and Stuart. Home to natural scenery and authentic forms of nature, Hobe Sound boasts clean beaches, family-friendly parks and renowned golf courses. Those living in Hobe Sound enjoy the peace and quiet in the area.

Hobe Sound offers high-quality public schools within the Martin County School District.

What is Hobe Sound Known For?

Hobe Sound is known for authentic and fun activities, such as camping or canoeing at Jonathan Dickinson State Park or viewing the limestone-studded beach at Blowing Rocks Preserve. Those living in Hobe Sound enjoy spending time in the Hobe Sound.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Hobe Sound?

Some of the top restaurants in and around Hobe Sound  with the highest-rated Google reviews include:

  • Harry and the Natives, a long-standing eatery serving a simple American menu in funky digs featuring occasional live music.
  • Scooters Fun Food + Spirits, an unpretentious watering hole supplying hearty bar fare as well as beer & liquor.
  • Big Apple Pizza & Pasta, a family-owned local chain offering NY-style pizza plus pasta & subs in a simple setting.

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