Living in Canyon Isles, FL
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Anthony Loffredo

Living in Canyon Isles, FL

Fast Facts About Canyon Isles, FL

Here’s what to know about living in Canyon Isles.

Population of Boynton Beach: 80,089

Distance from: 

  • West Palm Beach: 33min
  • Boca Raton: 25min
  • Fort Lauderdale: 49min

Nearest airport:

Median income of Boynton Beach: (2020): 

  • Individual: $29,378
  • Household: $56,850

County: Palm Beach

Type of location: Community

Why is Canyon Isles a Nice Place to Live?

Living in Canyon Isles

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Fast Facts About Canyon Isles, FL Here’s what to know about living in Canyon Isles. Population of Boynton Beach: 80,089 Distance from:  Nearest

Canyon Isles is a family-friendly neighborhood with luxury homes boasting beautiful styles, a variety of sizes and affordable prices. Mainly a single-family community, Canyon Isles is home to 200-acres and 500 uniquely-designed homes. With quick access to a number of activities in and around Boynton Beach, Canyon Isles offers the peace and quiet that those living in Canyon Isles are looking for.

Canyon Isles offers high-level quality public schools for elementary through high school students within the School District of Palm Beach County. Its mission is to educate, affirm, and inspire each student in an equity-embedded school system.

What is Canyon Isles Known For?

Canyon Isles is known for being a gated community with comfortable living spaces and quick access to delicious restaurants, trendy shops, and entertainment. Whether you’re looking to walk along the quiet and peaceful roads in the community or get out to the water along the shore, Canyon Isles has something for everyone. Those living in Canyon Isles enjoy the peace and quiet in the area.

What Are the Best Restaurants in Canyon Isles?

Some of the top restaurants around Canyon Isles with the highest-rated Google reviews include:

  • Prime Catch, an airy seafood spot with Intracoastal views, a broad wine list & outdoor seating.
  • BurgerFi, a stylish, eco-minded chain serving beef burgers, plus hot dogs, craft beer & wine.
  • Mamma Mia’s Trattoria of West Boynton, a casual operation providing familiar Italian entrees, pasta dishes & pizza by the pie or slice.
  • Mamma Mia Italian Restaurant, a family-friendly setup for sizable portions of Italian comfort food in informal surroundings.
  • First Watch, a cafe chain for health-minded breakfast, brunch & lunch options such as omelets, salads & soups.

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