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Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo


Generation Z: The Emerging Force Shaping the Housing Market’s Future

With a fervent desire to forge their own paths and achieve financial autonomy, Generation Z is increasingly turning to homeownership as a viable avenue. Here is some information about why and where your peers are buying if you belong to this generation and are interested in pursuing your own goal of becoming a homeowner. The Motives Behind Gen Z’s Desire to Own Homes […]

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Contingencies to consider in your offer when BUYING A HOME

Buying your first home can be exciting yet slightly stressful. After visiting numerous houses and finally finding “the one,” you’re ready to make an offer. But before you do, consider potential hazards and buyer safeguards. For instance, the ability to withdraw your offer if major repair issues arise, like foundation cracks or roof leaks. Here […]

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Fixer-Upper VS. Move-in-Ready Homes

When searching for a home, you must consider several factors. One of the most crucial factors is whether you prefer a home that is ready for immediate occupancy or one that you can renovate and customize to your liking. Deciding between move-in ready homes and fixer-upper homes can be challenging because each option comes with […]

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