Buy a Bigger House in Highland Beach and I’ll Buy Yours Cash
Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

Buy a Bigger House in Highland Beach and I’ll Buy Yours Cash

It’s many people’s dream to buy a bigger house in Highland Beach. Whether you need a bigger house to allow your family to grow or to accommodate your work or passion, this decision doesn’t come without stress.

One of the most stressful parts of selling a home is knowing whether to buy first or sell first. In the real estate industry, this is what we call the “Real Estate Catch 22”. If you sell your house first, you run the risk of being left without a home at all. If you buy a house first, however, you could be on the hook paying for two homes at once. It can be an almost impossible decision without a clear advantage to either choice.

With Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Loffredo Real Estate Group, you never have to worry about being stuck in the Real Estate Catch 22. Why? Because of our exclusive Buyer Guarantee Program that gives you peace of mind and guarantees your success.

What is a Guaranteed Sale Program?

At Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty - Loffredo Real Estate Group, we understand the stress you feel when deciding whether to buy or sell your house first. That’s why we’ve created our exclusive Guaranteed Sale Program. 

With our Guaranteed Sale Program, we guarantee the sale of your present home before you take possession of your new home. If your home doesn’t sell within 120 days we will buy it from you ourselves in cash!

You read that right – we are offering cash for your home if it doesn’t sell. The price and terms will be agreed upon first thing, so you’ll always have that peace of mind. Having a safety net during your real estate journey makes all the difference! 

How to Choose a Realtor When Moving Up to a Bigger House in Highland Beach

If you are considering moving up to a bigger house in Highland Beach, picking the right realtor is key. When you interview potential realtors, ask whether they offer a similar guarantee to ours. Chances are they don’t – it’s not common to find such an amazing deal in the real estate industry! If your agent won’t back up their performance with a guarantee to buy your home for cash, head for the door. This shows that they lack the proven track record to confidently make that guarantee. It also signals that you should work with someone else who can guarantee their performance.

Anthony Loffredo is Your Cash Guarantee Realtor in Highland Beach

When you’ve taken the time to speak to other realtors, you’ll know right away why Anthony Loffredo is your top choice for a Highland Beach realtor. Our Guaranteed Sale Program is exclusive, innovative and essential in today’s market. Protect yourself from being in a situation where your housing situation is out of control by working with us. We are confident we can sell your house and get you into your new dream home smoothly, for your price.

To get started and find out more about our Exclusive Buyer Guarantee when you move to a bigger house in Highland Beach, call us at (561) 220-5015. You can also contact us here. Or, you can get an immediate response by completing the form on this page. Get started today and start packing!