Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

Anthony Loffredo’s Story

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It is easy to see why 98.6% of buyers and sellers become life-long clients of Anthony Loffredo, returning to do business with Anthony and referring friends & family to do so as well.

For over 35 years as Broker/Owner of his own real estate company A&V Realty, now Your Home Sold Guaranteed-Loffredo Real Estate Group. Anthony has built his successful business foundation focusing on achieving each of his customer’s needs and successfully making it happen. His current 5.0 Google rating and reviews clearly show his strong desire to exceed each client’s expectations.

His passion is to help others and build lifetime relationships is perfectly evidenced by one client’s phone call on February 15, 2018. This lifetime client said he needed to reach out Anthony to tell him that he is extremely grateful to have had Anthony in his life, and that Anthony as his real estate agent had changed the course of his life and potentially saved his son’s life. Wow!

Let me explain, this client a few years prior had bought a home with Anthony as their buyer’s agent. Anthony found them several homes and the clients narrowed them down to two homes. One home was in Parkland, and another home further north in neighboring Palm Beach County. Both homes met the criteria buyers were seeking and the buyers were leaning to the more expensive Parkland home as the perfect choice for the family and children. Anthony asked them did they consider the fact that although the home they were considering purchasing had no Chinese Drywall (a drywall that was identified having been used in some homes where the drywall was causing a huge health risk to the occupants of the home), did they consider that other homes in the area could have it. They said no. Anthony then asked them the following question: “When you children want to go play with their friends are you going to want them to only entertain their friends at your house, or are you comfortable with them going to their friends’ homes in the neighborhood where you do not know if their neighbors’ homes contain this inferior drywall?” The look confirmed on the buyers faces confirmed that the buyers had not thought of this and immediately both turned to look at Anthony and both said “NO, the Parkland house is out, thank you for bringing this up now as we had not thought of that point”. That question which would ultimately change their decision, the course of their life and the phone call because their son on February 14, 2018, was a freshman and would have been in school at Margorie Stoneman Douglass High School when the shooting happened. This client felt so strongly that he reached out to Anthony the day after the shooting to let him know that he was forever grateful to Anthony! For Anthony this is his drive, his passion, what motivates him to be in the real estate business – Help his clients accomplish their real estate dreams and build lasting relationships!

Anthony offers his clients/customers his knowledge, 35 years of experience, and impressive education. He has the right technologies & marketing to benefit his customers and clients. His education includes a Bachelor Degree of Building Construction from University of Florida. He has also acquired a General Contractor’s license in Florida, so he understands construction, and has a proven track record of successfully building and selling multi-million-dollar homes throughout the area. His customers and clients appreciate his knowledge and experience of all facets of construction. He also holds a Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist designation – Guild Member based on extraordinary sales accomplishments.

Anthony’s strong understanding and implementation of marketing is also a pinnacle of his success. Furthermore, his relationship/partnership/mentorship with real estate agents who are in the top 1% nationally and internationally is extraordinary. Anthony holds the Certified International Property Specialist designation to further enhance his ability to successfully interact with foreign buyers and sellers.

Finally, Anthony is a family man, married to an amazing woman for over 34 with two children, and enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and cherishes his ever-growing family of lifetime clients! Reach out to Anthony anytime via email to [javascript protected email address], or via text/call to 561-445-6555.