Accessory Dwelling Units or ADUs
Anthony  Loffredo
Anthony Loffredo

How Can Accessory Dwelling Units Help You? What Are They?

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Perhaps you’re looking to buy a house and are having trouble locating one that meets your needs and budget. Or maybe you already own a property and need a place for your family or more money. Whether you’re a homeowner with shifting needs or a prospective buyer, auxiliary dwelling units, or ADUs for short, could be able to assist you in achieving your objectives.

What Is an ADU?

“An ADU is a secondary dwelling that is smaller than a primary dwelling and shares a single-family lot with it.”

“An independent, self-contained living unit comprises a sleeping area, bathroom, and kitchen or kitchenette.”

An ADU may be situated inside the primary house, connected to it, or set apart from it. It can be constructed entirely new or made out of an already-existing structure (like a garage).

Here are some helpful facts and advantages of owning an ADU if you’re debating whether it makes sense for you as a buyer or homeowner. Remember that local laws governing ADUs differ, so consult a real estate agent in your area for additional details.

The Benefits of ADUs

Living Nearby, But Separate Enough: ADUs let family members coexist while maintaining their own rooms. This implies that while you can assist each other out with childcare and enjoy each other’s company, you can still have seclusion when needed. If this piques your interest, you might want to think about purchasing a house with an ADU or building one yourself.

Aging in Place: In a similar vein, ADUs let senior citizens to remain near family members who can provide support as they age. It offers them the best of both worlds: family support and independence. For instance, you could choose to install an ADU onto your current home or purchase a property with one if your parents are getting older and you want them close by.

Affordable to Build: Compared to bigger, freestanding residences, ADUs are usually less expensive to build because they are frequently smaller in size. You can raise the value of your property by building one.

Creating Extra Money: Whether you construct an ADU on your property or own a house with an ADU, it can assist in creating rental money that you can use toward your own mortgage payments. It is important to remember that an ADU cannot often be sold independently from the primary property because it is a secondary dwelling located on a single-family lot. However, in other states, that is evolving. Consult a specialist to comprehend your possibilities.

These are a few of the reasons why many people who benefit from ADUs think they’re a good idea.

Bottom Line

ADUs offer a number of fantastic benefits to both homeowners and purchasers. In case you’re intrigued, get in touch with a real estate expert who can assist you in comprehending the accessible properties in your area as well as the local laws and ordinances about this kind of home.